Bach, Who Hails From Würzburg.

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This unease has resulted in a shortage of bids. In the last two years, Budapest, Rome, and Hamburg, Germany, all withdrew bids for the 2024 Games, mostly because of local opposition related to financial concerns. Los Angeles entered the bidding only as a late replacement for Boston, the original United States candidate, after it canceled its bid in 2015 after broad public displeasure. “In Germany, we have a saying,” said Mr. Bach, who hails from Würzburg. “I don’t know whether I can translate it properly, but the saying is, ‘It’s better to have a small bird in your hand than a big bird on the roof.’ Here, we have two big birds in our hands, and I cannot see any small bird on the roof. There may be some flying over the roof and making some noise, but none of them has landed on the roof, even. So I think it’s a great opportunity to keep these two big birds in our hands.” Paris has endured a string of failed bids, most recently losing out to London for the 2012 Games. If it were to win the 2024 Games, the event would fall conveniently on the centenary of the last Olympics in the city. In March, Paris bid officials said that their proposal was only feasible for 2024 because of land availability issues, and that the city would not accept the 2028 Games.

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